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Evidence for the Involvement of Loosely Bound Plastosemiquinones in Superoxide Anion Radical Production in Photosystem II

Photoexcited electrons travel through the cytochrome b6f complex to photosystem I by means of an electron transport chain set in the thylakoid film. This vitality fall is outfit, (the entire cycle named chemiosmosis), to ship hydrogen (H+) through the layer, into the thylakoid lumen, to give a potential vitality contrast between the thylakoid lumen space and the chloroplast stroma, which adds up to a proton-rationale power that can be utilized to create ATP. The protons are moved by the plastoquinone. On the off chance that electrons just go through once, the cycle is named noncyclic photophosphorylation.


Pavel Pospíšil

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