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Probing the Role of Protein Surface Charge in the Activation of PrfA, the Central Regulator of Listeria monocytogenes Pathogenesis

There are numerous instances of electrostatic wonders, from those as basic as the fascination of the cling wrap to one's hand after it is expelled from a bundle to the obviously unconstrained blast of grain storehouses, the harm of electronic segments during assembling, and scanner and laser printer activity. Electrostatics includes the development of charge on the outside of items because of contact with different surfaces. In spite of the fact that charge trade happens at whatever point any two surfaces contact and independent, the impacts of charge trade are normally possibly seen when in any event one of the surfaces has a high protection from electrical stream. This is on the grounds that the charges that move are caught there for a period long enough for their belongings to be watched. These charges at that point stay on the item until they either seep off to ground or are immediately killed by a release: e.g., the recognizable marvel of a static "stun" is brought about by the balance of energize worked in the body from contact with protected surfaces


Nancy E. Freitag

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